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Manhattan, New York City,

New York

Hunger in New York City

More than 14% are food insecure in New York City, a rate that is 12% higher than the national food insecurity rate. New York City’s cost of living continues to increase, but incomes have stayed static causing over 2.5 million people, around 40% of all New York City residents, to struggle to cover basic necessities such as food and housing. Devastated by COVID-19’s initial arrival, the virus has only worsened these already strenuous conditions as the New York state unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.6%. The accommodations and food services industry has been hardest hit with the greatest number of unemployment insurance claims at 308, 890. It is so important, now more than ever, to support New York City residents and local restaurants that have been so greatly damaged by COVID-19.

3 Restaurants Commitment to Service

The generous owners of the following Manhattan restaurants have made a commitment to service through RoundTable. If a recipient family would like to dine at any one of the following restaurants, they will not be put on a waiting list and will immediately receive a meal from this restaurant, on the day of the recipient family's preference. 


  • Angelo's Pizza

  • Patsy's Pizzeria (Both locations on 60th Street and 1st Avenue) 

Restaurants We Support


Support both a Manhattan family in need and restaurant

affected by COVID-19's impact. Click below to donate now! 


Contact Us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact RoundTable at or Manhattan's local representative, Athena Zarmakoupis at

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