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The Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts

Hunger in Western Massachusetts

In Western Massachusetts, 1 in 8 residents go hungry each year. This statistic was published in 2014, before the pandemic wreaked havoc on these communities and skyrocketed the food insecurity in the area. Some of the hardest hit places regarding job loss include Greenfield and Northampton, whose unemployment rate increased from 2.4 to 23.2% and from 1.9 to 19.8% respectively in the less than three month stretch from early March until the end of May 2020. The restaurants highlighted for the Pioneer Valley are located in or around these towns, where RoundTable will be able to serve both the hungry residents and the struggling restaurants.


Restaurants We Support


Support both a Deerfield family in need and restaurant affected

by COVID-19's impact. Click below to donate now! 


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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact RoundTable at

or Deerfield's local representative, Juliette Lowe at

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