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Why We Do What We Do

The effects of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic on the American economy are historical. More specifically, the food service industry has been one of the most affected industries across the United States. An abrupt shutdown of non-essential businesses in March, a slow and tedious re-opening process, and the implementation of new safety protocols have all cost restaurants excessive financing.

States lost up to 60% of restaurant employment spaces between March and April. Restaurants make up approximately ¾ of the workforce of the food service industry, so employment rates took a massive hit because of the restaurant industry’s struggle to stay afloat. Many restaurants were forced to permanently shut down because they lacked the ability to give employees paid leave. This left both people without jobs and businesses to fail.

Unfortunately, the food industry was not the only source of the increased unemployment rate. Theaters, small businesses, and retail stores are among other places that were forced to quickly shut down or downsize. Many of the people working in these entities now struggle with pay cuts to already tight wages or complete unemployment with no financial support.

The government is attempting to support those who have lost jobs in the face of the pandemics with legal action such as the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, new unemployment insurance benefits, and paid sick leave regulations. There are also thorough debates and research taking place as to when and how to re-open businesses fully, help those businesses who have had to permanently close, and allow for more essential workers. However, this is a long process that cannot keep up with the pace of the virus’ impact. Therefore, many families and individuals continue to struggle with the repercussions of unemployment while struggling to find new employment during the protracted job deficit that COVID-19 has created and continues to cause.

RoundTable recognizes the magnitude of the pandemic’s impact on both the restaurant industry and employment in America, and we aim to alleviate, in any possible way that we can, the economic damage that has been engendered to both of these entities. By donating to RoundTable, you are supporting local restaurants in their fight to stay open and simultaneously putting a meal on the table for a family in need and affected by unemployment because of the unyielding economic stress that COVID-19 has caused to people and businesses.

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